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Anti Virus & Anti Spam Protection

As the acknowledged innovator in the security marketplace, Trend Micro understands the commercial challenges facing organisations and is dedicated to the development and delivery of the most flexible and customizable Internet security solutions.

Limitations of Today’s Security Solutions
Today’s threats are sophisticated and dangerous. New threats are emerging at a rate of one every 6 seconds. They are smarter, faster and more advanced than ever – your business reputation and productivity is at risk. The security environment is ready for a new approach – one that proactively introduces more visibility into the location and cause of infections to deliver the information needed for better protection.

Proactive Security Infrastructure
Trend Micro Smart Protection Network combines unique Internet based “in-the-cloud” technologies with light-weight clients blocking threats before they reach the network. Consisting of core technologies: Web Reputation, Email Reputation and File Reputation databases; they constantly communicate all newly identified threats, providing real-time detection and giving customers immediate access to the latest protection wherever they connect – from home, within the corporate network or when mobile. Understand how Trend Micro’s solutions can help ensure your organisation has a proactive approach to security.

Trend Micro Solutions

Immediate Protection On Every Endpoint
Trend Micro endpoint security solutions, proactively defend your endpoints including desktops, servers, laptops and smartphones.

Lowers Cost and Complexity
Trend Micro’s award-winning data protection solution reduces complexity and costs whilst protecting sensitive data at rest, in use, and in motion.

Secure End-to-End Email Delivery
Trend Micro offers policy-based and client encryption solutions enabling organisations to deliver information securely and help comply with regulations.

Securing your Virtual Infrastructure
Trend Micro virtual appliances enable your business to leverage major economic and performance benefits – without the need for costly hardware or compromising data security.