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VPN Site to Site and Remote

Over the past few years, the demand for VPNs (virtual private networks) has dramatically increased.

More and more organisations are discovering the advantages of running their operations through a private and secure network, as well as the flexibility a VPN connection can afford.

Many organisations are discovering that broadband VPN offers a cheaper alternative to other options; MPLS and broadband VPN carry significantly

VPN connections offer a reliable and secure flow of data. All VPNs operate using state-of-the-art protection tools and software, ensuring that confidential and private data remains protected. A managed VPN connection also gives remote users secure access and individuals can safely transfer information as well as experiencing high speed access, providing a company with a reliable virtual environment to work within.

VPN networks are very flexible. Companies can connect as many locations as necessary and may choose to operate their system through an MPLS or broadband VPN. Indeed, the service is able to incorporate overseas offices and it is adaptable, making upgrades and location transfers easy to do, especially when incorporated into a managed VPN connection contract, whereby the service provider takes care of all the system needs.

A managed VPN connection gives you all the benefits of a secure VPN with the addition of peace of mind in knowing that all technical aspects of the system, and all maintenance, is covered, allowing you to focus fully on your business. A managed VPN connection can be tailored exactly to suit your needs, with speed, accessibility, locations and security all taken into consideration when setting up a managed VPN connection.

Brighter Bills offers a complete MPLS and broadband VPN service.. Managed Communications offers a fully maintained and serviced VPN where privacy is placed at a premium and packages are developed to suit the individual needs of the customer. Please contact us for more information.