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Call Recording

Brighter Bills range of products suits every requirement for telephone recording, from the largest of call centres to an SME to an individual at home, from something almost free costing £90 to systems costing £200,000. We offer telephone recording solutions through such a range of sizes, so one of the products in our portfolio will be right for you, whatever your requirement.

We can offer

  • Extension recorders from single to multiple extensions.
  • Analogue, ISDN2, SIP, ISDN30 line side recorders
  • Single site and multisite recorders.

The most popular uses for telephone conversation recorders include:

  • telesales / telemarketing training assessment and coaching
  • note taking / dictation
  • solving “who said what” disputes.
  • recording agreements
  • recording meetings (most of our products that can be used for recording telephone calls can also be used for recording meetings, some with an additional microphone)
  • recording instructions for greater speed and accuracy and detail
  • clarification of quantities and specifications
  • protection of staff from abusive / difficult customers
  • ideal for litigation purposes as recordings can be used in court (UK)
  • monitoring nuisance callers
  • monitoring customer service
  • monitoring staff performance
  • anti fraud – surveillance

Brighter Bills can now offer a mobile call recording solution which can be integrated with Line side recording systems. This offers you a unique, cost effective solution where all mobile and landline calls can be recorded, stored and replayed securely on site in a single integrated system.

Mobile phones are an essential business tool. If your business already records landline calls then it is likely that you should record your mobiles too. With mobiles securely recorded, your staff have the flexibility to work anywhere and still comply with internal or regulatory record keeping requirements.

With the BlackBerry call recording solution you can:

  • Automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls
  • Make and receive mobile calls as normal
  • See that recording is taking place
  • Prevent user bypass of recording with optional risk alerts
  • Choose when users’ calls are recorded eg for BCP only
  • Record all BlackBerry smartphones
  • Use BlackBerry without email functionality if necessary
  • Integrate with new or existing Retell call recording systems