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Hosted Telephony

Telephone Hosting and VoIP Solutions for Your Business

A hosted cloud-based telephony system (also known as business ‘Voice over IP’ or hosted PBX) is simply one that resides in the cloud, rather than in your office. Those old telephony servers and switchboards you used to see? Gone. Instead, you connect to a server in our data centre, using a standard IP telephone handset or just a simple computer program. Calls are made and received via your office broadband connection to Brighter Bills network. It is from our cloud phone system data centre that the call is connected to the device you are contacting.

What are the benefits of this system for you? No PBX maintenance – that’s our job. No upgrades needed – that’s our job. We are completely responsible for ensuring your hardware and software is up to date and runs smoothly – leaving you with a smoother service.

As well as removing the maintenance element, the calls themselves are low-cost and you have free IP calling. We can also integrate mobile phones, and as business telephone providers a range of other equipment you might need.

VOIP for business gives you far more control, at a lower cost. A simple computer interface gives you full control over your VOIP business organisation, and has access to smart call features you would come to expect now. You can control across multiple geographical locations, countries, and manage down to an individual employee easily.

Is it suitable for my business?

Available for any budget or company size our suite of tools is the smart option. Contact us today to discuss your needs and get a quote.

Benefits of Business VoIP

– Here are just a few examples of why (in the real world) this is good for business

If you move offices to another location and need to keep your phone number – normally this would involve expensive call forwarding charges – with VoIP it doesn’t as the calls arrive at the new location without any diverts.

If your business would benefit from having a strong local presence, our telephone solution would enable you to set up a directory listing with a number that appears local to that area.

Take your business anywhere
If you are a business user who is always on the move – one number can be dialled to contact you that will ring on your laptop wherever you happen to be as long as you are connected to the Internet

Disaster Recovery
If you have a site that becomes unusable because of a disaster you can be up and running within minutes at an alternate location if you use cloud telephony.

If you have a phone system that is “full” – using this can allow you to have expanded capacity without having to upgrade or install a new phone system.

If you have issues with line plant on your site – you can get extra trunk lines by running them over an existing broadband line.

Go global
If you have an office abroad and want to make UK rated calls you can install VoIP trunks there and ring to them with a UK number.

There are many more possible solutions you can put this to – it really it depends how creative you are…If you want to talk to someone about what we can offer.