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Simple to use, web-based, fast and reliable SMS service.

Our web based SMS broadcasting facility allows complete control over the bulk delivery of SMS text messages to your database of users. If you’re looking to send a bulk broadcast of SMS text messages instantly or want to send a scheduled delivery we can provide you with the tools through a simple to use website. Used in this manner SMS is a powerful and flexible means of targeting and delivering your message in a highly effective and focused way.

Committed to a quality service
Our SMS facility is directly connected to all the UK mobile networks. We do not send SMS messages via inferior overseas network operators to save on cost, as service reliability is paramount to Brighter Bills and our customers. Not only do we provide a resilient and reliable SMS service, but the broadcasting facility is competitively priced.

Intelligent and effective features
If you or your customers broadcast to certain numbers on a regular basis the service allows you to store and maintain your own contact lists of mobile numbers. Once a group has been created you can add and remove numbers when required. Then simply enter the message and send it to your contact lists or just type in one or more new numbers as you go.

If there are certain messages you use regularly the system allows you to create “Templates” which can be stored and then used whenever required. You can also blacklist individual numbers that have requested not to receive further messages. Any further broadcasts are then purged against this list. The Mail Merge option allows a message to be sent simultaneously to a database of users but personalises the message to each recipient.

Accurate reporting
We understand how important accurate reports are when examining campaigns so with a suite of reports available to analyse the effectiveness of your campaigns, you will always be in control.

Delivery Reports are available which show a summary of all the broadcasts over a selected period, giving details of the message, and how many in total were sent together with how many were delivered. The Number Report allows you to view all the messages sent to a specific mobile number including the date and time together with the delivery status.

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